Monthly Archives: June 2022

How Bad Is It To Run Low on Brake Fluid?

Your vehicle has many fluids that keep its system in check. Brake fluid is one of those important fluids that correspond to the braking system. Without it, you may risk catastrophic brake failure. If you want to learn more about brake fluid and what happens if you run low, keep on reading.   Brake fluid is necessary for your brakes to work. When you apply your foot to the brake pedal, the pressure is translated through the brake fluid to stop your car. Without the necessary amount of this ... read more

How to find a good mechanic?

How to find a good mechanic?         How to recognize a bad mechanic?   Mechanics that would be considered bad or not working for the customer/client will sometimes take advantage of their customer. That has been the stereotype of the automotive industry. They may take advantage of their customers and try to sell work that isn't needed or try to upcharge a customer. Sometimes people don’t know better at the time of purchase of the repairs, and they approve ... read more


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