How to find a good mechanic?

How to find a good mechanic? 




How to recognize a bad mechanic?  

Mechanics that would be considered bad or not working for the customer/client will sometimes take advantage of their customer. That has been the stereotype of the automotive industry. They may take advantage of their customers and try to sell work that isn't needed or try to upcharge a customer. Sometimes people don’t know better at the time of purchase of the repairs, and they approved the repair. Then later they find out that there were upcharges added. Some people can probably relate that they have been to a mechanic who explains to them that they may need to fix their vehicle. The Mechanic may say something like “you need air filters, new brakes, and rotors, and you need to replace a few parts on the engine” But they don’t show you proof or even elaborate more on the issues.    

Honesty and transparency  

Finding a good mechanic can be difficult because of the stereotype of the industry. To find the best auto mechanic near you, you need to look at the businesses that have honesty, transparency, and businesses that want what's best for you. Good mechanics know honesty and transparency are most important for their clients. When they service your vehicle, they will show you images and keep you updated on what is important and what is not important for your vehicle. If they diagnose your vehicle and there seems to be an issue with it, they will let you know about it and ask for permission before fixing it. They will be honest with you when your vehicle does not need a fix if that is the case. They work with you not against you, meaning they want what's best for you and your vehicles.   

ASE Certified Technicians  

ASE Master certified technicians must pass 8 tests to become a Master Technician which are the best technicians available. To qualify for this certification, automotive technicians must have two years of on-the-job training or one year of on-the-job training, and a two-year degree in automotive repair to qualify for certifications. After qualifying, they will then have to pass the test for certain levels of ASE Certifications. Having the ASE allows a technician to receive higher pay for their work. Just like any other job the more education you have the better your pay can be. There are 22 ASE Certification tests all about automotive to become a world-class technician. There are many parts to vehicles and each of these tests proves that the test taker is a “master” in that specific area. Some specific examples for the tests are Engine repair and transmission repair. There are also the advanced level tests which are considered the L series of tests. These include advanced engine performance and electric vehicles. Certain carmakers have their ASE Certification tests that are based on the car's make. All these tests make a “Master Technician.”  


The Best Mechanics   

The Best Mechanics have many ways to complete the job the right way. They have great experience in their life that will help them repair your vehicle. They also have the education to back up their work and provide them with the right knowledge to work on the challenging vehicles of today's age. ASE Master Certified Technicians have the education, experience, and special tools necessary that allow them to repair vehicles the right way. They are Auto specialists that breathe and love cars. Most of them also work on vehicles outside of work or have done it their whole life with family members or in their parents' garage where they grew up.  

Digital vehicle Inspections (DVI)  

As the times have changed and technology is taking over the world, some mechanics are doing a DVI. With this digital inspection they have a ranking system by colors (Red, yellow, and green) just like traffic lights where if your car NEEDS repair, it will be shown in the red column of the vehicle inspection. If your vehicle has a chipped windshield but it isn't a hazard or if your brakes are getting worn but are still drivable for a couple of thousand miles it will appear in the yellow, this tells you that it is not necessary to complete this repair now, but it is good to look out for and maintain it before it gets in worse condition. When your vehicle is in good condition as far as a repair is not needed it will show up in the green and these items are OK! Meaning that there is no need to repair these items until possibly your next oil service. Digital inspections provide the client with the assurance that their vehicle is being looked at properly, they know exactly what is needed and what can wait, saving them money.   


Where to find services and mechanics like described above?  

At Elite Auto Repair they want what is best for their clients so they can be safe on the road. Elite has been in business for 24+ years. They serve their clients with honesty and transparency. They have 3 ASE Certified Master Technicians and one that’s 3 tests away from being a world-class technician and we are honored by having these surgical technicians waiting to solve your automotive needs. So, if you want to find a good mechanic that stands by their work and offers a Nationwide Warranty of 3 years or 36,000 miles, then Elite Auto Repair has the mechanics for you. They provide the value and quality service that you deserve. If you’re still hesitant, read a review from one of our loyal clients “Elite is the only place to bring your vehicle, they treat you as one of the family, you can trust they have your best interests at heart and will assist you in your car repair journey without stress. I have been burned a lot in the past by different shops and it is refreshing to have such honest, trustworthy people taking care of my vehicle and myself. Can’t say enough good things.” So, if you want honesty and transparency, and you are in the Warwick area, then call Elite Auto today at 401-736-8942 to schedule your appointment or you can make an appointment at   


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