Rhode Island State Vehicle Inspection in Warwick, RI

At Elite Auto Repair in Warwick, RI, we can help when your vehicle is due for a Rhode Island state inspection. Here in Rhode Island, all newly registered vehicles must have a valid inspection sticker or pass an emissions inspection within 5 days of being registered. It is also required that your car is inspected and passes an emission test every two years. Our ASE Master certified technicians offer fast and friendly state inspections here at our shop to help you get your sticker and to get back on the road quickly.

A state emissions inspection is required by the state of Rhode Island to ensure that vehicles on the road are meeting certain standards when it comes to emissions and pollution. This helps protect the environment and the air we breathe. If your vehicle fails its state inspection, it is likely because you need an emissions system part repaired or replaced. Here at our shop, we can assist with any repairs that may be needed in the instance of a test failure. After the repair, you are able to have one free inspection retest within 30 days of your original test if you choose to do so again at our shop.

The Rhode Island state inspection includes an emissions test, a safety test, and a gas cap integrity test. The emissions test may also consist of an OBDII inspection or a visual component inspection. The best way to pass the inspection is to keep your car well-maintained and to make any necessary repairs. At Elite Auto Repair, we help you better maintain your vehicle to ensure that all safety systems are in good working condition and that your vehicle is reliable. This will help you pass your state inspection quickly when it is needed.

When you need a Rhode Island state vehicle inspection in Warwick, RI, look no further than the experts here at Elite Auto Repair. Schedule your next visit with us online today or give us a call with any questions! 

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