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Auto Tune-up in Warwick, RI

Although the definition of a tune-up has changed over the years, it is still an important service that helps revamp your vehicle when it has some miles on it. A tune-up will make your vehicle run more efficiently and powerfully, even after it passes that 100,000-mile mark. Here at Elite Auto Repair, we are here to provide you with professional tune-up services in the Warwick, RI area.

Back in the day, a tune-up often referred to a vehicle’s carburetor or ignition points. Today, however, modern vehicles typically need spark plug replacements, emissions or engine services, and a computer scan. A good, thorough tune-up will include a comprehensive check of your vehicle to make sure that any issues are taken care of and to retune any other parts as needed to get your vehicle running at its best again. Typically, tune-ups are considered a major service and are often recommended between every 60,000 and 100,000 miles, depending on the age, make, and model of your car.

When you bring your vehicle into Elite Auto Repair for a tune-up, our ASE master certified technicians will properly inspect your vehicle and perform the services necessary to boost its overall performance and longevity. Any replaced parts will be top-quality along with the best products on the market. We also utilize state-of-the-art equipment and scan tools to ensure that our work is always up to factory standards.

If you suspect that your car is due for a tune-up in Warwick, RI, we invite you to bring your car to the experts here at Elite Auto Repair. Give us a call with any questions or schedule your visit with us online today! 

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