Why do Auto repair shops charge so much?

Cars are not so easy to repair nowadays. For every vehicle that needs to be repaired, they need to be diagnosed. Just like doctors that take MRI’s, CAT scans, and blood work to determine what is wrong with someone's health. Technicians must test all fuses, look for electrical draws, and scan many computers. Each of these tests and scans take time, knowledge, and resources to complete. The test and scans determine the root cause of your vehicle's problems. These computers allow for the vehicles to be more advanced than they used to be, but it causes them to be difficult to repair and maintain. To complete most repairs,technicians need to use a diagnostic tool that requires special training. There is also the cost of the scan tools and other value that some shops may add. These factors all go into the overall price of car repairs.   

Diagnostic labor and training  

Cars are no longer just nuts and bolts, they have nuts, bolts and could have up to 200 computers inside them. These computers require scanning to identify the problem. The more “fancy” vehicles like the European and Exotic vehicles have even more computers. These vehicles can sometimes take up to an hour or more to scan. There are also many tests and procedures a tech will have to go through for each vehicle. People wonder why it is so expensive to fix their vehicle, but they do not realize what the tech must do to fix their car.