Excellent service - fast - professional and personal. I was very happy leave my car there and Elite Auto Repair accommodated me with a ride to and from work.


These people at Elite Auto Repair service center are the best and most honest people to deal with. Without a doubt, I will go back there whenever I need service again. And will make it a point to send as many friends I can to them. Thank You.


As always the service was done on time, complete and reasonably priced. Highly recommend Elite Auto Repair.


Very professional and courteous, I would highly recommend them to friends and family.




Pleasantly prompt and professional service


This is the second time I used Elite. Excellent service. I will continue to use them for my car needs


I took my 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo (77k miles) to Elite Auto for a timing belt and full tune up costing just over $2700. Unfortunately, they loosened (or as they claim it failed due to age and they did not notice) a fuel line on the top of the motor exactly where the spark plug wires run (tune up) without even checking their work causing my car to catch file and be totaled. The owners accepted zero responsibility even and made me pay my bill in full.

Joseph- I would like to respond to this poor review. First of all we are very sorry about the unfortunate problem that happen while your car was under our care. past history: Go back 1 year almost to the day before the fire. You came in with a concern of a fuel smell we diagnosed car with a leaky fuel hose above the gas tank, in which we repaired on 3/24/2016. the hoses were all 30 years old, we stated that the hoses were all old and the timing belt was loose and original. (No we did not loosen the belt. it was old and possibly original 30 years old) fast forward to 4/14/2017 you brought the car in to do that timing belt and a tune up and we did. after the timing belt was done we thoroughly road tested the car and brought the car to the car wash. At that time one of your fuel lines once again started to leak. not the same one that was previously leaking a year earlier. When the car came out though the wash and they were drying it, the fuel ignited and caused the fire. I called you to tell you about the unfortunate mishap. I called my insurance company at that time and they stated not to touch the car and that they wanted to send a fire investigator down. Upon investigating the conclusion was that an 30 year old fuel hose had burst and caused the fire. At that time they said to call your insurance company and have them conclude of what happen. Shortly after that your insurance company came down with another fire investigator and they came to the same conclusion that mine did. the cause was a 30 year old fuel line. We all know that insurance companies don't like to pay so why would your company pick up the tab if it was our fault? In the end I wish this never happen. I really do. I have insurance for this reason. I know this car meant a lot to you and I did talk the insurance company into authorizing tear down to see the extent of the damage to see if it can be repaired and we chatted and were both hopeful it was. however the extent of the damage was too severe and Car couldn't be reasonably repaired so it was your insurance company that totaled it. As far as charging you for the job we did, we did perform the services you asked for. it was your insurance company that should have reimbursed you for the repair also. I would have fought for you to recover that money, however until now I didn't know they didn't reimburse you. I can't stress enough how sorry I am over this but rubber hoses don't always show their weakness on a visual. 19 years in business this is the first time anything like this has happen. I hope you accept my apology. Elite Auto Repair

My family and I have been coming to Elite for years now and they have always treated us like family!


I am very happy with the service that you have provided for my 1997 BMW thank you very much I will see you when I have to have my oriole changed