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Why Is My Car Suddenly Getting Poor Gas Mileage

When it comes to your fuel, most drivers want to keep this expense as low as possible. It's something that we all regularly keep track of, so if your car is guzzling up more gasoline than usual, you're going to notice it right away. If you aren't getting the gas mileage you desire, there are different factors you should consider. It may be an internal problem, tires, or simply poor driving habits. Here are some possible explanations for your lower than usual gas mileage:

  • Tire Pressure - If your wheels are not at their suggested psi, your miles per gallon are likely to drop. This is why mechanics always stress checking your tire pressure regularly so that you can catch underinflated tires early on.
  • Air Filter - If you run your car with a dirty or clogged filter, the engine won't get enough air to run the combustion process efficiently. Thankfully, air filters are affordable and easy to replace!
  • Oxygen Sensors - Speaking of airflow, your car needs working O2 sensors to measure air intake and emissions production. If the sensor is defective, you'll likely experience engine inefficiency.
  • Spark Plugs - Your spark plugs are constantly in use when your car is on, which is why they wear down over time. If they begin misfiring, it will negatively impact your fuel economy.
  • Fuel System - A damaged fuel injector or dirty fuel filter can cause too little or too much fuel to flow to the engine. As a result, your gas mileage will alter.
  • Exhaust System - Items like the catalytic converter, exhaust pipe leak, muffler, or other emissions issue play a role in your fuel economy. If your car is drinking too much fuel, it's best to have a professional check out your exhaust system.
  • Engine Oil - The type of motor oil you put in your car can also impact your gas mileage. Please make sure you follow your manufacturer's recommendations for your oil change to ensure you get an even balance of performance and efficiency.

These are just several of the many potential reasons you might be getting poor gas mileage. We recommend coming into Elite Auto Repair for an inspection to get a more accurate diagnosis. You can visit our auto repair shop in Warwick, RI, or call us at (401) 244-5909 today.

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