What Are the Most Common Auto A/C Problems?

One of the best things about hot weather is getting to a place where it isn't hot, like your car with the A/C on full blast. So when that same A/C starts blowing hot air, you know something's wrong. The cause of this unfortunate malfunction could be a few things. This quick read will kick-start your thoughts about fixing it.

Common A/C Problems

  • Refrigerant Issues: More times than not, hot air instead of cold air blowing from the vents means the A/C's refrigerant is gone or isn't getting where it should. If the refrigerant is all gone, simply refilling it could be the fix, especially if the system doesn't leak refrigerant. If there is a leak, you'll need to fix it before refilling the refrigerant. Common leak concerns include old hoses and faulty system connections.
  • A bad condenser: A/C Systems work by taking hot air from inside the vehicle and cooling it down before blowing it through the vents. The condenser keeps the refrigerant really cold while the A/C runs. If the condenser doesn't work, the warm doesn't cool down before it's blown back into the vehicle. The condenser can be damaged by road debris, so it's one of the first things to look for.
  • Faulty compressor: Together with refrigerant and the condenser, the compressor is part of the A/C system. It keeps the system's refrigerant circulating through it and must be under specific compression for the best circulation. Refrigerant is gas that must be condensed into a very cold liquid before it's capable of absorbing hot air.
  • Don't forget about electricity: A gas-powered engine needs an electrical system for running other systems,l sensors, and thermostats. If any part of this system gets damaged it influences the other systems. Thus, the problem could be as simple as a blown fuse.

Your car's A/C is durable and built to last. However, they do need servicing such as checking for old hoses and refrigerant leaks. If you need car A/C diagnostics performed, give Elite Auto Repair a call today!

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