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Signs You Need a New Muffler

The muffler is a vital part of your vehicle's exhaust system. It is in charge of dampening the exhaust sounds so that you can drive quietly and peacefully. It usually doesn't require service until an issue occurs with the muffler. Below are the top 4 signs that indicate you need a muffler replacement:

  1. Loud sounds
  2. Drop in miles per gallon (MPG)
  3. Lit check engine light
  4. Smelly exhaust fumes
  5. Excess exhaust gases

What Does It Sound Like When Your Muffler Has Problems?

The sounds that your exhaust makes when going through a damaged muffler can not go unnoticed. The sound can often be described as loud screeches, roars, or blares. You've probably hurt it from other drivers on the road before. You can be proactive by listening to these unusual noises when revving your engine. A loud muffler is almost always the first and most noticeable sign that you need repairs.

When Is It Time To Replace My Muffler?

Usually, mufflers last approximately five to seven years, depending on the vehicle, type of muffler, and condition of the overall car. There are several things that can interfere with your muffler's lifespan, such as exposure to speed bumps, road salt, potholes, and other obstructions that can impact the pipe. When driving on these types of road surfaces, be sure to proceed with caution. Furthermore, keep up with your car washes to avoid rust from forming on the metallic exhaust pipe. Rust is a common culprit for leaks to occur in the muffler, and you will need to replace the muffler altogether.


If you are experiencing problems with your muffler, please do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to Elite Auto Repair. Our certified technicians can inspect and correctly diagnose your muffler problem before it gets out of hand.

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