Prepare Your Vehicle For Warmer Weather!

Springtime is finally here, and it is time to prep your vehicle for the warmer months to come. Winter probably took a toll on your car, SUV, or truck, and now is the time to recover from it. So, what kind of vehicle maintenance is best for the spring?


Test Your Battery

A pre-spring never hurt nobody. This will ensure your battery is fit to hold a lasting charge. Also, it is an open opportunity to check for and clean off corrosion around your battery terminals.

Check Tire Tread

Ensuring that your tires have proper tread is key. The spring may bring lots of showers, so make sure your tires are fit to grip the road properly. They should be more than 2/32".

Top Off Your Fluids

This includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, power steering fluid, windshield wiper solvent, and more. Have a mechanic check for leaks too. It wouldn't be bad to change your windshield wipers since there will be a higher likelihood of rainstorms.

Inspect Your Brakes

Please check to see if your brakes are making any unsettling sounds because that may suggest a need for replacement. You'll need a good pair of effective brakes to stop effectively in rain or shine.

Test Your Climate Control System

Last but not least, make sure your air conditioning can blow both cool and warm air. Spring can bring many different types of weather, and you may need the heat in the morning but A/C in the afternoon.


If you need help checking the above components for spring, please bring your car to Elite Auto Repair soon!

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