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My Car Is Bouncing Up And Down-What Does It Mean?

A bumpy ride is uncomfortable and wears out the vehicle prematurely. An unstable car on the road is also a hazard to you, your passengers, and other road users. When your vehicle's ride is bumpy and unstable, you can't drive well over uneven or rough terrain. An unstable ride causes the car to lose traction during acceleration and deceleration, even on a flat surface.

Diagnosing the issue is crucial for safety and ensures that the vehicle stays in good working order. This article will explore the common causes of bumpy rides in motor vehicles.

Worn Out Suspension

A car's suspension is what makes the ride smooth and stable. Tires are the first point of contact between the vehicle and the road, and the suspension acts as the base of support. A good suspension means good handling on the roads. When your suspension gets worn out, you'll notice right away.

The chassis feels like it favors one side more, and the cabin rattles when driving over bumps or potholes. If you're experiencing this, you should get the shock absorbers, ball joints, springs, and sway bar checked for damage or wear.

Poorly Aligned Tires

Misaligned tires are a common cause of bumpy rides. They don't distribute the weight of the vehicle chassis in an even way. It causes it to rock or bounce from side to side. It can also happen if the tires aren't properly secured or filled with too much or too little air.

Steering Linkage Issues

If the tires are the first point of contact with the road and the suspension is the support base, then the steering system controls them all. If the vehicle bounces or sways when you turn the wheel, this is a sign of issues with the steering system. The bushings are either too stiff or loose, which affects the ride quality.

Vehicle Suspension Repairs

Avoid bumpy rides by getting your suspension, tires, and steering system often checked by qualified technicians. If you need vehicle suspension repair in Warwick, RI, give Elite Auto Repair a call today!

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