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Common Vehicle Sounds That Indicate Trouble

It's normal for cars to produce sounds while operating. But the problem comes in when you hear weird, unusual noises. That may range from squeals to bangs and even roars.

Here are some vehicle sounds that allude to car trouble.

Squeals and Shrills From the Engine Ignition

Have you heard a shrilling, screeching, or squealing sound as you start your engine, but the sound gradually fades? That could indicate that the serpentine belt is worn out and needs replacement.

The serpentine belt is a vital engine component as it runs multiple peripheral parts. You could be looking at severe engine failure or damage if you don't remedy the issue.

Rattling Noises When Driving Over Potholes or Speed Bumps

Another troubling sound is strange squeaking vibrations from the wheels as you drive over speed bumps or potholes. That might indicate a problem with some components of the suspension system.

The issue could be wear and tear in the bushings, worn-out ball joints, or a bad sway bar link. These problems may affect the smoothness of your drive.

A Whining Sound When Steering Your Vehicle

If you notice a long high pitch as you steer your car, something might be wrong with the steering system. Most steering systems use hydraulic fluid to operate, and such sounds could suggest that the hydraulic fluid is low.

Other problems could be a leak or air entering the lines. That may affect your ability to control your car smoothly.

Growling or Screeching Upon Braking

While braking is typically silent, it may produce a low sound. However, a high pitch or screeching hints at worn-out brake pads, and the brake caliper is rubbing against the rotor.

Any problem with your braking system could turn into a dangerous situation. It's best to get a vehicle inspection and replace the brake pads if necessary.

A Loud Bang From the Car's Exhaust

A loud explosive sound from the rear of your car during acceleration may signify that fuel is burning at the wrong time. It could also result from an improper balance of fuel to air ratio as the engine runs more on the former.

That shows that the engine is running inefficiently. It's paramount that you get a vehicle repair service to avert high fuel consumption.

Rumbling From the Engine

An idle vehicle shouldn't produce any noises, but what if your engine rumbles and vibrates at such a time? That could mean the fuel injectors are dirty, there is low oxygen in the fuel mixture due to dirty air filters, or the oxygen sensor is damaged.

The issue could affect the engine efficiency and lead to burning more fuel. A professional vehicle repair technician can replace the air filter or clean the fuel ejectors.

A Roaring Sound on Acceleration

You may notice a roaring, loud sound under the driver's seat whenever you accelerate. That might result from a hole or crack in the exhaust system pipe, meaning the hot gases escape before reaching the muffler that neutralizes the sound.

A damaged exhaust system can be detrimental to health, as it could let carbon monoxide leak into the vehicle. It's imperative to seek a mechanic's help promptly.

To Wrap It Up

The troubling sounds from your car often indicate something needs a fix, usually after wear and tear. It's best to tend to the issue promptly to avoid costly repairs or a total breakdown. If you need a vehicle inspection, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Elite Auto Repair today!

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