5 Car Care Tips for Winter Weather

As you adjust your home for the winter, ensure you include your car. Freezing weather significantly affects your vehicle's performance, making it the most challenging period for drivers. In extreme weather, your car requires a different adjustment to enhance safety and performance.

Prepare Early
Avoid waiting until winter starts to prepare your car. It's recommended to try and prepare for winter driving in early fall.

Consider these 5 Car Care Tips for Winter Weather
Don't allow freezing temperatures to wreak havoc on your vehicle. With good planning, you are all set. Consider these five essential car care tips to get ready.

1. Consider Getting Snow Tires

These have softer rubber than other tires allowing them to remain flexible in extreme freezing conditions. The tread on these tires gives your car excellent grip on ice and snow. Snow tires are a must, especially in regions where temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

2. Check your Battery

Car batteries have performance difficulties in freezing weather. Ensure your battery cells are strong enough to run through winter since they are the most affected. Unless you are an expert, the only way to check your battery is through professional help and equipment.

3. Keep your Gas Tank Full

In freezing weather, moisture can freeze in your gas line. It's recommended to keep your tank full to prevent this problem. Also, use fuel de-icer monthly to prevent freezing. Also, keeping your tank full helps you in traffic delays or those long diversions.

4. Check the Anti-freeze and other Fluid Levels

Anti-freeze is vital for protecting the engine in winter. Check if the level is good and also inspect for leaks. However, don't just top it off if low. Instead, flush it out and use the recommended type for cold conditions. Also, inspect the engine oil and if there is a recommended type for your engine in freezing conditions.

5. Check your Lights

Your headlights and brake lights are essential to your safety when driving in winter. Ensure these lights are functioning optimally and make any necessary replacements. Inspect the light frequency to ensure adequate visibility.

These vital tips will keep you safe during winter. Our technicians are also ready so if you need help preparing your car for winter, bring it to Elite Auto Repair today.


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